Effervescent Range

The VÖOST Effervescent range does not contain sugar. We use Australian regulated and approved artificial sweeteners to provide sweetness with little or no energy/kilojoules.

Coles, Woolworths & Chemist Warehouse nationwide (in-store and online) as well as selected independent supermarkets and leading pharmacies across Australia. Head to our stockist locator to find your nearest store.

We are pleased to advise there are no preservatives in the VÖOST Effervescent Tablets.

We recommend you talk to your health professional before taking any vitamins or mineral supplements.

We recommend the effervescent tablets are stored below 25⁰C in a cool, dry place.

We recommend that our products are not consumed after the date stipulated on the packaging.

The best temperature is room temperature. Cold water will slow down dissolution.

Vitamin and Mineral Range – 200mL

Isotonics – 300mL

VÖOST does not contain any lactose or dairy products.

VÖOST Magnesium, B Complex, Cranberry, Energy, Iron Plus, Echinacea, Zinc Plus, Vitamin B+ Performance & Vitamin C Effervescents are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. This also includes our VÖOST Isotonics and Hydrate range.

VÖOST Multivitamin, Vitamin D, Collagen Formation, Glucosamine & Calcium +D are the only products in the range which are NOT suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

VÖOST effervescents do not contain any gluten derived ingredients and there is no added gluten in the formulations, however we cannot guarantee that the products are 100% free from gluten.

Our VÖOST Effervescent & Isotonic ranges are formulated in Australia and are manufactured in Germany - because they make the best in the world!

Products that contain Calcium or Magnesium in the VÖOST Effervescent range tend to leave a bit of sediment in the glass. This is not a product fault but more the nature of any of our products that contain Magnesium Carbonate or Calcium Carbonate as active ingredients. These ingredients are known for water insoluble properties, which can in some cases result in residue. Don't worry though - you're still getting your full dose of vitamins and minerals!

That's because these products contain Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). Like all B vitamins, it’s water soluble so your body takes what it needs and discards the rest. The presence of B2 can discolour urine to be bright yellow.

This will depend on your individual requirements. We recommend that you talk to your health professional before taking more than one VÖOST effervescent tablet in the same day.

We recommend that you put 1 effervescent tablet from our core range in 200 ml of water, or 1 Sport Hydration effervescent tablet in 300 ml of water (or 2 tablets in 600 ml of water).

For our NEW Hydrate Orange electrolyte effervescent tablets we advise that you take 2 tablets dissolved in 200 ml of water, not exceeding a maximum daily dose of 10 tablets.

Our effervescent vitamin and mineral range can certainly be suitable for the keto diet! Our core range contains less than 0.8g of carbohydrates per tablet, which the exception of our Sport Hydration range which have 4.2g of carbohydrates per tablet.

The VÖOST effervescent core range does not contain over 10 calories per tablet, with the exception of our Sport Hydration range which contain 27 calories per tablet.

As stipulated on our packaging, we have to recommend that all of our products are taken by adults only (18 years and older). Please keep our products out of the reach of children.

We have to recommend that you talk to your health professional before taking any vitamin or mineral supplements so they can help determine what will best suit your needs during this time.


VÖOST is available at our home in Australia as well as in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. To find your nearest stockist in Australia or the UK please go to our stockist locator. For VÖOST Hong Kong, please click here.

Yes, this is possible. However, the fact is that for many of us this is far from easy. Hectic schedules and eating on-the-go means that we don’t always give ourselves nutrient rich foods or the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Vitamin supplements therefore provide support to help you fill in the nutritional gaps which you aren’t getting from your diet alone.

Yes! The VÖOST 10 and 20 pack tubes, and the folding boxes for the 40 and 60 packs are fully recyclable.

The tubes fall under the resin identification code of ‘5’ for polypropylene (PP). The lids are also recyclable, however, the lids contain non-recyclable silica beads to keep the product fresh. Please remove the beads before placing the lid into the recycling bin. They're hiding under a piece of white cardboard.


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VÖOST subscriptions are available for Australian shoppers in 8 and 12 week options. Simply select your desired subscription frequency on the relevant product page and receive VÖOST to your door on the regular!

Depending on your selection, subscriptions will be charged every 8 or 12 weeks. If you would like to delay or cancel your subscription you can do so at any time by logging into your account and managing your payments.

Not all of our products are available for subscription. If you can’t see an option to subscribe on the product page the product does not have a subscription option at this time. This applies to all ‘bundles’ and a few products in our A-Z effervescent range.

There are no additional costs to subscribe to VÖOST, in fact, you actually save when you subscribe – you’ll receive free shipping and a handy 5% discount.

When you’ve found the product you would like to subscribe to, simply hit the subscribe option next to the product and choose between the 8 and 12 week options. Once you’ve made your selection, simply add the product to cart and create your account when you check out!

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Not only do Australian subscribers receive their favourite products delivered to their door every 8 or 12 weeks, they also receive free standard shipping and a 5% discount. What are you waiting for?

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