Five top tips to be that morning person

  • 01 May 2019

The snooze button is your best friend. You find it easier to pull the duvet over your head than to put your feet on the floor. To top it off, you’ve got that friend who has already done a workout, had breakfast, put a wash on, left for the day AND put it all on the gram before you’ve even had time to get out of bed. We can completely relate.

That morning person may have the right idea though; getting up earlier and extending your day can have tremendous effects on your wellbeing and can give you a little extra time to get things done. With winter fast approaching, it's the best time to start setting a routine to help get yourself out of bed on those dark mornings.

Are you ready to be that morning person? Here’s our top tips to start your day on the right foot:

1. Prepare the night before

It can be easy to make excuses to not hit the gym for a morning workout. The duvet is extra heavy. Surely lifting that up around your ears counts as a tricep extension… right?

Get your gym kit ready the night before. This will remove the barrier of having to fumble around for your leggings and sports bra when you wake up. The neatly folded pile of clean gym clothes will be glaring at you as you lay in bed the next morning, urging you to get up and get going.

2. Organise a nutritious breakfast

Another tip for the night before: Plan your breakfast. Try overnight oats for a simple and tasty treat. Just put half a serving of oats into a bowl or container, cover them with your favourite low-fat yoghurt and pop into the fridge overnight. For an extra kick, add toppings such as strawberries, blueberries or raspberries (plus this can help towards getting your 5-a-day!)

3. Avoid the snooze button

We’ve all done it. Hit the snooze button on the alarm and told ourselves that we can have just 5 more minutes. Inevitably that 5 minutes becomes 5 more, and then there’s another 5 after that…

Try moving your alarm across the room. That way, you have to get out of bed to switch it off. Plus, now that you’re out of bed, you might as well put the gym kit on that you’ve already prepared. Yes, you will think of yourself as an evil being at the time, but it really is effective.

4. Make natural daylight your new bestie

Fancy being a risk taker? Rather than jolting yourself from your slumber with a loud alarm, let natural daylight wake you. It’s much gentler and can help you feel more refreshed.

Light is a primary signal that affects your body clock. There are handy little tools such as a wake-up light or you can try sleep with the curtains slightly open so that daylight can flood into your room as the sun rises.

5. Plan your most exciting jobs for the morning

It’s no coincidence that it seems easier to get up early when we’re excited about what the day has in store. What if you could do that every day? The best way to do this is to plan activities for the morning that you love and are passionate about.

That’s it! By following these simple steps, you’re on your way to becoming that morning person. If you’re looking for more exercise inspiration, check out the Seven Minute Workout You Can Do Anywhere...