Must read books for 2018...

  • 06 March 2018

Having set myself a New Years resolution to read more, I spent some lovely, summer days on the beach and a few balmy evenings engulfed in various books, determined to keep my word to myself that I wouldn’t revert to having my phone in my face at all times.

Inevitably, as summer has come to an end in the Southern Hemisphere and the warm evenings become few and far between, I find myself sneaking back to the mindless and frankly unsatisfying scrolling through social media.

So, I am writing this blog as much for myself as for you in the hope that I can both jolt myself back into the books (which I do so love) and at the same time give you some reading inspiration for that upcoming holiday or the odd night when you pick up a book instead of your phone.

So, here they are, my recommended reads for 2018...

Non Fiction

Jo Cox. More in Common // Brendan Cox
The story of Jo Cox, the British MP who was attacked and killed by an extremist outside a library in her constituent. As told by her husband Brendan Cox. My heart was a different size by the time I finished this book. Do yourself a favour and read this.

Sapiens. A Brief History of Humankind // Yuval Harari
A compelling read about where we came from making your own life feel about as significant as used tissues but as Jeffrey Fry once said, “to realise that everything in the universe is connected is to both accept our insignificance and understand our importance in it.” 

Man’s Search for Meaning // Victor Frankl
Often making the shortlists for 'Books You Must Read in your Lifetime,’ this 1946 book by Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Victor Frankl, chronicles his experience in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II and how he learned during this time that the very meaning of life is the meaning you decide to give it.


All the Light We Cannot See // Anthony Doerr Set in WW2 this story follows the lives of two children on opposite sides of the war. Brilliantly written. Winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for fiction - need I say more? 

The Japanese Lover // Isabel Allende An exquisitely crafted, multigenerational love story that keeps you turning the pages.

Conversations with Friends. A novel // Sally Rooney A sharply intelligent novel about friendship, lust, jealousy, and the unexpected complications of adulthood in the 21st century.

Between a Wolf and a Dog // Georgia Blain Beautifully written and completely engulfing, this book explores the complexities of family life in an incredibly moving way. This truly enveloped me.