Ready, steady... GO into 2019!

  • 18 December 2018

We’ve said goodbye to 2018 and it's now time to celebrate the start of 2019! It’s safe to say we fully enjoyed the end of the year, perhaps a little too much. There’s Christmas shopping, catching up with friends and spending time with family. Oh, and let’s not forget all that delicious food and drink! Well, it’s rude to turn down a mince pie!

With all of these demands on your time and the near constant offering of food, it’s easy to let your exercise routine and diet slip. So, how can you get that motivation back and keep hold of it through 2019?

2019 Goals

It sounds simple but setting goals is a great way to give yourself something to aim for. It makes pounding the pavements easier on those lonely mornings and can give you the motivation you need to get out of bed.

A major part of people letting their goals slip is because they set one HUGE goal. It seems really great at the time, but it can be a hard slog to reach.

Try breaking your main goal down into smaller, more manageable goals. For example, if you want to run a Half Marathon in 2019, why not start by aiming for a 5k and then a 10k before going for the Half Marathon. Giving yourself smaller, bitesize goals, helps keep your focus and motivation going through the grind of achieving your goal.

Make the Most of Tech

Technology is wonderful, isn’t it?! So why not make the most of it. If your goal is to get into, or return to a regular fitness routine, why not look at the huge array of apps that are out there?

Running is a great way to get active, beat the winter blues and get super fit. But how far are you supposed to run when you start? Until you’re out of breath? There’s a fantastic app called Couch25k which is a great way to get started. It gives you structured runs to do and will get you up and running a 5k in no time.

If you’re going out running or cycling, Strava is a great way to keep a track of your workouts. Download it to your phone, hit start and go for that run or ride!

There are also a wide range of wearable devices on the market with varying price tags that will track your movement (and sleep!) to give you a picture of how active you’re being and how many calories you’ve burnt that day.

Get on the Healthy Eating Bandwagon

Christmas and New Year are often awash with indulgent food and plenty of drinks. It’s not easy to stick to your normal eating habits when there’s so much food on offer. It’s common over the festive period to give yourself a short break from healthy eating and whilst you can have every intention of getting back on the healthy eating bandwagon in the new year… well, it can be much harder than it sounds!

Try planning your meals ahead of time and batch cooking in advance for your lunch and dinner over the weekend. By doing this, it makes it easy for you to eat really healthy meals and not slip into the temptation of fast food when you’re hungry.

Whatever your goals are for 2019, good luck! Remember to get a balanced diet, including getting your 5 a day, move as much as possible and, most importantly, have fun!