The 7-minute workout you can do anywhere

  • 05 March 2019

Many of us are becoming increasingly busy, whether it’s studying, having a side-hustle alongside our current jobs, taking part in hobbies or simply socialising with family or friends. Priorities can change and sometimes that means that we sacrifice the gym or eating as well as we want to!

There are so many things that we do daily in 7-minutes without realising: whether it’s scrolling down the social media feed, watching a YouTube tutorial on how to cut your own fringe or planning your next holiday. Exercise, however, does wonders for your body and your mind. Despite how busy you are, there’s no doubt that you have 7-minutes spare in your day.

This workout below is designed to target almost every area of the body while firing up the heart rate. You don't need a gym membership, fancy studio, or even a lot of time to get in shape. All you need is clothing you feel comfortable in, enough space to move around and a bottle of water.

Are you ready? Here’s the 7-minute work-out you can do anywhere:

1. Slow Mountain Climbers in Push-up Position

Ensure your hands stay under your chest and don’t shrug those shoulders. Extend your body in plank position and alternately bring each knee to your chest.

2. Alternating Deep Side Lunges

Starting with legs together and straight. Step out with the right leg bending outwards while the left leg stays straight and get as deep as your flexibility allows. Alternate with the left leg.

3. Plank

Keeping your body straight as though about to do a push-up, legs extended behind with your toes underneath and arms (or elbows) holding you up. Try squeezing your bum to really engage those deep core muscles – and remember to breath.

4. Squat Pulses

Position yourself in Squat position. Bounce gently 10 times. Lift your body so that your legs are straight after the 10 pulses – really focusing on squeezing all the muscles. Repeat.

5. Hip Thrusts

Lie down with your back on the floor, bending your knees and feet in towards your core. With your feet and palms facing flat on the floor, lift upwards, squeezing the glute muscles. Then lower, relaxing everything. Repeat.

6. Alternating Warrior Pose (hold for 5 seconds on one side and change)

Keep the back leg straight and take a deep lunge, keeping the back straight and arms straight out to the side. Get a deep stretch and burn with complete balance and control before swapping legs.

7. Downward Dog

Stand straight and position your hands on the floor in front of you. Walk out 5 steps with your hands making sure your head falls between your shoulders. Imagine someone is lifting your hips up towards the ceiling and let your head fall in a nice relaxed position.

The aim of this work-out is to do as many reps as you can per exercise below in 1 minute. All that’s left to do is decide where you’re going to try this work-out!