Work out with a friend: five moves to motivate you

  • 14 September 2019

Sometimes getting motivated and excited to go to the gym can be a struggle, especially if you’re going on your own and are feeling unsure of the routine you would like to do in the session ahead. That’s when it’s time to grab a partner, friend or co-worker and drag them along with you!

There are a number of benefits of having another person to train with. This includes; keeping spirits high and having the motivation to push your work-out further. One study found that 64% of women who trained with their best friend were more likely to work harder than if they were to go to the gym solo*. It also means it’s harder to back out at the last minute if you’re really not feeling it.

We’ve found the top 5 exercises to do with a friend, that will ensure you’re ready and raring to go:

1. Sit-Up and Catch

Conjure up your co-ordination skills and strengthen the core with this motivating exercise. Grab a medicine ball (weight of your choice!). Person A should hold the ball and stand over person B, who should lay on the floor with knees slightly bent and feet firmly on the ground. As person B does their first sit up, person A should throw the ball to person B, with person B ready to catch. Once the ball is caught, person B should then throw the ball back and return to the floor. Repeat for 15 reps and swap over.

2. Push-Ups with High-Five

Take a twist on the classic by either getting into the “push-up” position, facing each other or taking the same position side by side. Then do 15 push-ups, high-fiving each other between each one. Have a 45 second rest between each set and repeat 3 times.

3. Plank and Jump

One for the more daring! This combines a mix of strength, core work and stamina. Take it in turns to plank for 30 seconds. Whilst person A is planking, person B should tuck jump over the person A from left to right. After 30 seconds, switch over!

4. Medicine Ball Twist

Keeping in the correct position can be tough for this exercise, but if you have your friend beside you, it will be harder to give up! You will need a medicine ball again for this one. Both sit back to back with legs slightly raised off the floor. Person A should hold the medicine ball in front of them and twist the upper body to pass to person B. Repeat for 15 reps and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

5. Squat and Hold

Feel the burn with this one! Grab a weight plate of your choice and stand back to back. Slowly lower yourselves into the squat position, using each other’s back as a rest. Hold the weight plate out, directly in front of you for 1 minute.

Top tip: To keep motivated and hold strong, it’s great to talk or catch up whilst sitting in the position. Not only does it keep your mind off the burn, but it is also a great way to socialise!