Five Ways to Exercise Outdoors this Spring

The days are getting longer and the sun has started to make its presence felt. Its undeniable that Spring is on its way, and about time too!

While the gym has served us well during the dark, cold winter months and you’ve achieved a fitness level that you’re happy with, maybe you’ve plateaued. Maybe you want to mix things up. It’s time to step up your Spring by getting outdoors!

Not only will an outdoor workout break up the monotony of your gym workouts, it gives you more natural space to perform exercise routines. Also, it’s great to feel the sun on our faces and produce some natural Vitamin D!

Let’s look at 5 great ways to exercise outdoors:

1. Running

You may well have been running on the treadmill through the winter. Well, it’s time to take it outdoors and feel the breeze on your skin.

Start by planning your route. Try to incorporate a mix of terrain, as well as having uphill, downhill and flat sections. That way, you will get the most out of your workout and keep it interesting!

If you’ve never run before, but you’re interested in adding it to your workouts, Spring is a great time to start. It’s not too warm, it’s not too cold and there are quite a few dry days.

There are plenty of apps, such as Strava or MapMyRun, to get you going and keep track of your activities!

2. Hiking

Not into running but looking to try a new way to get a cardio workout in? Why not give hiking a go!

With planning, it’s easy to find plenty of new trails that are close to home for you to explore.

Just remember to take plenty of food and water with you. The views will be beautiful and you’ll want to make sure you’re properly fuelled to enjoy them.

3. Rowing/Kayaking

The indoor rowers at the gym are a fantastic way to give your shoulders and back a workout, as well as working your cardio!

Taking it out onto the water will mean you’ll be getting an amazing workout, with great scenery of a lake or river. What’s not to love.

4. Kettlebells

These are small, highly portable and will give you a strength and cardio workout at the same time. Break out the kettlebells and get swinging.

If you’re unsure how to make the most out of them, there are often group classes that take place in parks. Check out companies such as British Military Fitness to find classes taking place near you!

5. Cycling

Everyone loves a good spin class. It gets the blood pumping and gives cardio sessions focus and structure. Why keep it to the gym? You don’t need to spend thousands on a bike to get out riding.

Plan a route and jump on your bike. Try exploring the local lanes, there are loads of hidden places to discover for amazing coffee. Cycling with friends or family is one of the great pleasures. Catch up with them and get your exercise in.

Does cycling sound like a good option for you? See why you should get out and start riding in our other blog.

Exercising outdoors can be great fun. As well as getting fitter, it can also help you get your recommended intake of Vitamin D, a vitamin that not only helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth but contributes to the normal function of your immune system. If you’re struggling to get your RI of Vitamin D, try VÖOST effervescent Vitamin D!

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