Four ways to workout in winter

Wet weather, dark mornings and chilly temperatures - the winter struggle has arrived. With this time of year presenting a variety of challenges it’s harder than usual to stay motivated. We all know how tempting it can be to hit that snooze button and stay curled up in bed.

To help you stay on top of your exercise game we’ve rounded up 4 winter-proof workouts so you can work up a sweat regardless of the weather outside.

Exercising At Home

If you’re used to exercising outdoors why not mix up your training by staying inside, or in the comfort of your own living room? Turning to home workouts in the winter has a multitude of benefits! Not only will it save you travelling time, it will also allow you to fit in exercise around your busy schedule - did we mention the amount of money you will save on memberships?!

Working out in your own space gives you the freedom to do what you want for however long you want – let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than someone loitering around you in the gym, waiting to jump on the machine you’re on (we’ve all been there). If you don’t know where to begin, or would like a little inspiration, there are a multitude of options online including free tutorials, how-to videos, podcasts and fitness apps.

Seasonal Sports

If home workouts aren’t your thing, why not embrace the cold and get involved in winter sports? Many people deem winter sports to be leisurely activities that we take part in during the festive period. But did you know, sports such as ice skating and skiing have excellent health benefits in addition to the enjoyment?

Ice skating has been noted as an excellent cardiovascular workout, even the smallest lap on an ice rink will get your heart rate raised. Ice skating is also fantastic for your posture and improving your flexibility. Why not put down the yoga mat and pick up some ice skates this winter?

Skiing is also a popular winter activity that provides a tough and vigorous workout. Hit the slopes and test your stamina and endurance in the snow! You’ve heard of a ski sit, more commonly referred to as a wall sit, now imagine doing that for hours and hours on the slopes. Skiing is great for cardiovascular endurance, stamina and mental well-being. Wrap up this winter for a work out that’s physically and mentally beneficial.

Partner Up

Working out alone can sometimes be a chore as there is no one to motivate you through the session and cheer you on. Having a gym buddy is a great way to stay motivated during the winter lull and you can often help each other out a great deal. Many workouts are better in pairs, you can challenge each other to reach your goals and partner up on certain movements that require two. We have included a few partner workouts below. Give them a try:

1. Partner Push Ups

Start by positioning yourselves in two plank positions head to head. Once you are comfortably in the plank, raise opposite hands to your partner and meet in the centre for a ‘high five’. Start with a reasonable duration and progress to a longer length of time once your strength and stamina has improved.

2. Partner Sit Ups

Sit facing your partner with your knees raised into a sit up position - your feet can interlock to secure yourself in the sit up. Take it in turns to complete the sit up. Once you have mastered this move, you can add in a gym ball to increase the intensity of this challenge.

3. Partner Ski Sit

No wall – no problem. Grab your partner and stand back to back. Drop down into a ‘ski sit’ and hold for a set period of time.

Group Classes

Group exercise classes are a great way to add fun into your fitness regime. With energetic choreography and an instructor to help you out, group classes are a great option this winter. Check your local gym and ask what classes they offer. Many gym memberships will provide a wide variety of classes to suit everyone’s fancy, whether that be an energetic spin or a step crazy dance aerobics class!

We know winter can be a challenge in the fitness department, but by following our 4 easy tips you can ensure your workout is kept varied and fun! Don’t let your motivation slip this festive period, stay active and enjoy the festive period. Remember a little rest is nothing to be ashamed of, we won’t tell if you don’t!

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