Make Little Changes in Your Life

Every-day life is getting busier and busier. Balance can be tough to achieve. Research carried out by VÖOST found that 58% of women struggle to get their 5 a day, with most admitting it’s because they find it hard to incorporate fruit and vegetables into their daily diet.

That’s why for the last 4 months we’ve been campaigning for YOU to make #LittleChanges that can improve your life in a small way, and eventually, help you achieve overall goals. All it takes is small swaps from unhealthy to healthy food, taking a ten-minute break to work-out or focusing on a better night’s sleep.

Some influencers in the fitness industry have taken part in this campaign. Check out some of their #LittleChanges that you can make this year below!

Sian Pillay, @sian_pillay, PT, Fitness & Pilates Instructor

“Sleep can reduce stress and put you in a better mood – ditch any blue light 2 hours before bed, you can get apps which blocks blue light on your phone. Try to get yourself into a routine, try to go to bed early and wake up at a similar time each day.”

Hollie Morriss, @_holliefitness, Sports and Exercise Science

“There’s a lot of different reasons why people embark on their journey’s to health and fitness… Health, overall mood and self-love. My little change would be to set yourself (overall) goals. Set yourself a reason for investing, whether this would be to be able to run around with your little ones without getting out of breath, to go a day without feeling lethargic, to go out in public with your head held high”

Natalie Kingsley, @nataliekfitness_, PT

“My little change for the new year is to eat less meat so I’ll be trying meat free Monday’s. I’ve been considering competing next year so making sure I’m getting the right nutrients is so important!”

Athina Crilley, @athinaafit, Health, Fitness and Positivity Focused

“I think sometimes it’s easier to make smaller changes throughout the month than start a completely huge new goal at the start of the year. A few little changes include going to sleep earlier, taking more time to relax and worrying less about the work I have to do, get back into cooking tasty meals for dinner (I’ve been so lazy with this recently).”

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What little changes could you make this year?

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