Three Australian adventures to tick off your bucket list

Summer may have come to a sharp close but that can only mean one thing: wanderlust for the year ahead. What better way to get excited about travelling than to have adventurous and thrilling experiences to tick off your bucket list?!

Our home town of Australia is an incredibly diverse and vast country where you could spend years travelling and still not see everything it has to offer. This is what gives it an irresistible appeal to travellers from around the world.

Every aspiring traveller has their own bucket list of adventures that they wish to see and do, but here’s a couple of Australian Adventures you need to add to that list:

1. Hot Air Ballooning

You know what they say, the early bird catches the worm. The Australian sun rise is a sight not to be missed. Nothing can beat the beautiful orange hue as the day begins, … apart from taking an exhilarating hot air balloon ride across Alice Springs.

The vast Australian Outback covers a gigantic area of 24, 000 kilometres which is bigger than a number of European countries, so travelling a minuscule section by car may not cut it. See the desert wake up from the sky on a hot air balloon and spot wildlife, including the rare and elusive Red Kangaroo.

2. Sydney Tower at Sunset

There is a reason Sydney is one of the most popular Australian destinations, especially by night. Most well-known for the immense Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Sydney boasts some of the most scenic views.

Sydney Tower Eye is the perfect destination to offer the best view of Sydney no matter what the season. The tower is 309 meters tall, offering a view of the city from a completely different perspective.

3. Swimming with whale sharks

The third and most thrilling adventure to tick off your bucket list should be to swim with one of the largest fishes on the planet, reaching up to 14m (46 feet) and weighing up to 24, 000 pounds. You will feel minuscule yet exhilarated next to this gigantic creature of the sea, the Whale Shark.

This is an adventure that is possible at Ningaloo Marine Park in Western Australia where you are given the opportunity to endeavour into one of the World’s greatest interactive Marine Encounters.

Not to fear, the Whale Shark is a gentle creature that only eats plankton, so although this is an incredibly adrenaline-charged experience, it is not one where you have to fear for your life!

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