Why Team VÖOST Love Autumn

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are starting to fall, the fire is starting to roar – and most importantly, the seasonal coffees are starting to be frothed and steamed by baristas everywhere.

In fact, whether you’re partial to thick coats and jeans or wish you could spend the full year in a crop and shorts, Autumn has something for everyone.

Here are some of Team UK and Team Australia’s favourite picks for the season

We love the changing sights, sounds and smells...

Do you think the air smells different in Autumn? Team UK sure does. “Whether it’s the indoor central heating smell (you know the one), or the fresh, crisp air that hits as you step outside in the mornings, there’s a certain smell that’s not replicated at any other time of the year”.

Team UK also love the sound of the leaves underfoot: “I always look forward to the sound of the crunching leaves and the way the sun looks when it’s slightly chilly”.

Unsurprisingly, Team Australia agree: “Nothing beats going for walks and admiring the changing leaves.”

Let’s mention the weather

Unsurprisingly, Team UK had a lot to say about this one. Maybe the stereotype is true?

"Summer in the UK is always hit and miss – at least you know where you stand with Autumn! The weather is always crisp, golden and a little foggy”.

“I agree: the start of Autumn is the time when you wake up confused - especially when you realise it is later than you think because it's still dark and you were totally used to the light mornings!”

“I like the fact it gets dark early so you can get home, shut out the world, get cosy and tuck into whatever you've had in the slow cooker all day...”

On the other side, Team Australia told us: “The warm days and cooler nights can’t be beat”. We agree.

Once again, the VÖOST UK team love putting the fire on – especially if it’s in a pub!

“I love relaxing in front of the fire with a hot chocolate – I miss it in the summer!”

“I’m partial to oversized jumpers, going to a country pub with a big roaring fire, all accompanied by a massive Sunday roast”.

The fashion of the season is also a big plus point...

“In all honesty, wearing tights is always a plus point...”, says a member of the UK marketing team.

“I love the fact that I can put jumpers on my dog and dress her up haha”.

We can’t forget the big events...

Team UK: “Halloween and going out that night is a real buzz when everyone is dressed up and making a real effort”.

Team Australia: “I’ve always enjoyed sitting around the bonfire with family and friends.”

Team UK: “There’s the hype of Halloween, then the bright lights and fireworks of Bonfire Night, before we hit Black Friday and run through on to the Christmas season”.

We’re glad somebody mentioned the biggest event of them all...

Team Australia: “Swapping the iced coffee for a hot coffee.”

Team UK: “Somebody has to mention the pumpkin spiced latte, right?”

So, what about you? Do you mourn Summer the second it leaves, or are you dreaming of shorter days and dark nights from May onwards? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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